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Microsoft Azure is equipped with capabilities to meet the needs of businesses globally, but the question on yet many minds seeks to clarify the exact benefits the companies can derive from their choice to stick with Azure than its many competitors?

The Microsoft Azure platform is leveraging technology to avail businesses with practical solutions that are of immense benefits.

Today, every successful business relies heavily on computers, but more importantly on the computing tools they use. From the majority of users being indifferent about cloud-based computing solutions, we have managed to reach a consensus underscoring the invaluable efficiency of these tools in the business world.

With cloud solutions, currently occupying the forefront of business solutions, every business owner world over, is wary of using solutions that will not accrue total benefits that are commensurate with the value for their money. For most, they require a system that can accurately handle their analytics, databases, mobile apps, networking, storage and website issues.

Microsoft Azure is equipped with capabilities to meet the needs of businesses globally, but the question on yet many minds seeks to clarify the exact benefits the companies can derive from their choice to stick with Azure than its many competitors.

Microsoft Azure stands out in many regards some of which include:


while so much has been debunked about the safety of cloud-based solutions, Azure’s security is comparable to none other majorly because it is difficult to hack the user data.

It is equipped with single sign-on capabilities that eliminates password problems, hence, paving the way for a seamless log on for users, integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and guarantees a system that is built around the privacy and security of business and individual needs through a two-tier authorization process equipped with geometry biometric readers. Most importantly, Azure has a global incidence response team that works round the clock to deal with threats to Cyber Security.


Azure beats many on-premises and cloud-based solution providers with its fast rate of deploying its service and scalability. For many businesses, the task of developing, testing and getting feedback on new products and solutions often pulls a significant amount of their resources.

Azure allows easy exploration of new technologies and enables businesses to scale up and down according to their specific needs. This makes Azure interestingly suited for organizations that enjoy sales at particular intervals.


Azure’s development makes it the right tool for businesses who want to achieve much more in a short period, with less spending. With Azure, there is no need for replacement of servers periodically, all they need do is subscribe and rent from Microsoft at cheaper amounts.

In the same guise, there is more value available for Windows server licenses that allow you save up to 40% on virtual machines and this figure may, in fact, vary based on your region.

This same licenses can still be used or converted to run Windows server virtual machines in Azure and it has a considerably lower base compute rate than you can get even on Linux. Essentially, business does not need to focus on other maintenance overloads.

Azure guarantees faster yields for monies invested. Azure eradicates investment in hardware as it provides access to server and software via integration with Microsoft’s data centers.


Microsoft Azure avails businesses with full advantage of on-premise resources as well as comprehensive benefits of cloud service; it can be deployed on-premise and via cloud. It is equipped with a fully integrated development environment, alongside a fully integrated service delivery system with its source control, go live tools, integration testing, unit testing that allows ease of updates.


Azure’s cloud backup of data grants the user access to recover their data for 99 years’,  and this can be done at a secondary site or straight from the cloud. In addition, Azure has regional and global fail-over options and guarantees background safety beyond the previous storage options with its rolling reboot capabilities.


Azure has a global reach that runs across global data centers and grants users control to modify the global footprint, from anywhere around the world.

No other cloud provider has global data centers like Azure does. Azure’s data centers are managed by Microsoft and are available in 140 countries including China, Germany and the United States and the data centers support 17 languages and over 24 currencies.


The most prominent benefit of Azure for businesses is its compliance with Microsoft and global ISO standards. This makes it easy to deploy everywhere as most companies already make use of Microsoft’s packages for their business.

Azure is committed to the safety of its infrastructure with a focus on high reliability, cost-effectiveness, operational stability and environmental sustainability. All of these are combined to give the users a trustworthy online experience.

Azure has an incredible global reach and is a trusted solution with hybrid deployment capabilities.

Nothing beats its security, making Azure essentially an excellent value for money. Azure offers business these amazing benefits and tops it off with unfettered control.

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