The Capabilities of Azure Cognitive Services




Machine Learning / AI has so much more in store, only if developers and business owners will seek to appreciate it fully as the Azure cognitive services.

Recently, Sophia, a product of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was granted citizenship of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia after she held an audience of world leaders spellbound. Machine learning/AI has transcended a lot of strides and are undoubtedly on a nascent rise.

While businesses and individuals alike continually seek solutions, machine learning/AI presents huge possibilities, largely due to the background role it plays.

The Microsoft Azure solutions package has proven to be a must-have for businesses who desire growth and all-around solutions that are adaptable along many lines.

In the same vein, Azure cognitive services are a solution that allows the infusion of apps, websites and bots with machine learning algorithms, to make them have higher intelligence that makes them carry out discretionary functions in an automated fashion.

Some of these functions include sight, hearing, and speaking functions that are ordinarily the sole resolve of humans. Beyond these functions, Azure cognitive services equip systems with the ability to understand situations, interpret data automatically and make clever decisions through natural methods of communication that are often customized according to the organization’s structure.

Since machine learning uses available data to make predictions and to take important decisions automatically, the Azure cognitive services through its APIs, taps into the capabilities of machine learning and significantly leverage on these capabilities to create products of advance intelligence without the need for data scientists.

It will be interesting to note how much Azure has managed to leverage on machine learning especially because Azure cognitive service seeks to transform business solutions using artificial intelligence.

Below are some of the areas Azure cognitive services holds a great advantage for businesses based on the strength and ability of the technology behind it.

  • SECURITY – security determines a whole lot about the success of a business today. Unfortunately, as security systems get stronger and better, the attempt to break them down increases alongside. Cognitive services offer a fool-proof solution to the problem of security, with its face API that can be used to verify faces and smartly authenticate signing in with its virtual identity verification capability.
    It is also incredibly flexible and responds to uncontrolled situations with the help of an important image, audio communication and search tools. these tools may or may not be developed using machine learning algorithms, however, they deliver better results when combined with Azure’s cognitive services to address the problem of security.


  • KNOWLEDGE – machine learning holds an advantage in the fact that it can solve complex problems in very fast turnaround. Cognitive services also make intelligent recommendations and can solve complex layered information and likewise break them down into simple bits with clearly understandable results.


For those need, you can utilize Azure Cognitive following capabilities:


  • LANGUAGE – business stand to gain a lot from cognitive services because of its natural language processing API. This is possible because of pre-built scripts that recognize intonations and interpret them into emotions. All of these makes clear what users want and can likewise help businesses prepare to meet them.


  • SPEECH – speech to text, voice verification and speaker recognition by running the audio against a broad number of audios from selected speakers to determine which one is the perfect match, are some of the incredible features available for businesses to utilize.
    Language Understanding (LUIS) is another great application that works with speech. It receives input from users in their natural language, draws meaning from it, and provides relevant information as required.


  • VISION – pictures, digital imagery dominate a broad number of things. Azure cognitive services have image-processing algorithms that are useful in the smart, automatic profiling and arrangement of pictures. These algorithms are carefully implemented in the design and setup of various apps that can be used to easily search through pictures and arrange them based on the mood they depict, the kind of people in the pictures and the ones that captured that perfect moment. Beyond this, it can also analyze the tags; descriptions and content found in any image as well as label these images appropriately. These algorithms can be used in designing applications to even detect emotions, feelings that are otherwise abstract, age, etc.


  • DRIVE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – businesses can implement several of the APIs available on cognitive services and combine it with its Bot framework to communicate with customers in a completely new and interesting dimension. There can be nothing more intriguing than customers finding answers to questions about your brand instantly as they ask them. This will require human input because the questions can be sometimes off the record, but there isn’t a better way to know your customers demand.


We are actually just coming to terms with the capabilities and potentials of machine learning/AI, but nothing stops your business from making the most of it to the length we have discovered at this time while looking forward to more capabilities that will hold us spellbound.

Believe me machine learning/AI has so much more in store, only if developers and business owners will seek to appreciate it fully as the Azure cognitive services.


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