Microsoft Azure – Debunking the myths and highlighting the realities

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This article is not an attempt to state whether this information is true or not, and It is not imperative at this time to start a discussion on the differences between myths and realities, as we know one of them would phase out over time.

With the advent of cloud computing, businesses of all sizes and scopes have found an all-encompassing solution to the myriad of challenges they face.

The reception of cloud computing solutions was slow initially. Many times, this has been the case when a status quo faces challenges. However, the extensive solutions it provided, and the ease of implementing cloud computing into business changed the narrative.

Down the line, today, businesses now have to choose the best cloud solution provider that fits their business needs. Microsoft Azure is an outstanding cloud computing solution that allows developers and IT professionals build, develop and manage applications through a vast network of data centers available.

Microsoft in her definition of the Azure service would have thought that the words they used would be apt and would leave no room for misconceptions. Perhaps we would have to refer that to the language experts to analyze the structure and flow of the words used.

What is expedient at the moment, is dispelling the false and incomplete information upon which many users have premised their understanding of Microsoft Azure. This false information has gone on to become myths that have unfortunately affected users’ perspective of the Azure cloud solutions.

In fact, many IT professionals become confounded at the truth behind this information, however flimsy or serious they sound.

This article is not an attempt to state whether this information is true or not, and It is not imperative at this time to start a discussion on the differences between myths and realities, as we know one of them would phase out over time.

What does this focus on then? This write-up focuses on setting the realities in their place, and the myths where they belong.

Many unfounded rumors are flying around about the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure. As much as these rumors sound ridiculous and unbelievable, they are somehow popular, and sadly appear to be the reality about Azure’s capability. These myths do not in any way affect Azure’s capabilities but can restrict many businesses and users from enjoying the immense benefits of the Azure cloud solutions.

Enough. Let’s set the record straight. The following are not true about Azure.


Microsoft Azure is a risk for data security

Protecting user data remains one of the challenges of cloud service providers. Microsoft Azure has an incredible compliance coverage with 50 compliance offerings. This compliance coverage is more than that of any other cloud solutions provider. Microsoft Azure stores data uniquely and guarantees the protection of user data.


Azure is incompatible with Linux OS and Open source software

Microsoft’s move to team up with the Linux Foundation has managed to address this. Microsoft is all about the needs of the users, which is why Microsoft Azure embraced open source and continues to assure users of the freedom to build and deploy their applications with whichever tools, systems, applications, frameworks and programming languages of choice. Azure has no restrictions whatsoever.


Microsoft Azure is a complex cloud service; it requires expert handling and management

Where is virtually no technology, which does not require a proper understanding of its features to guarantee perfect functionality.

In the case of Azure, this is also necessary, but you find it quite easy to understand because of the many Microsoft native tools that share the same programming foundation with Azure. These tools make the transition to cloud easy, as they offer deep insight into system performance.


Microsoft Azure is very expensive. An emerging business cannot utilize it.

No doubt, Azure has outstanding features, but, Azure’s pricing has been reduced by about 50% recently to allow more users, yet the storage, bandwidth and essential capabilities remain at optimal levels.

These realities about the Microsoft Azure has been laid bare, and it is best users understand and distinguish them from myths. The Azure cloud system is a well-thought-out cloud solutions provider. In extension, it offers maximum protection with a focus on security, privacy, and transparency. Azure has threat detection and mitigation capabilities; it can detect, prevent and respond to threats accordingly.


Microsoft developed Azure to help you move faster, do more, and save money along the way.

Whatever you need, Microsot Azure can provide it and help you create something amazing.

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