Migrating Perion & Undertone to Skype for Business Cloud PBX

Ofir Schnitzer.


Working with Perion on the task of bringing together two cultures into one company, allowed us to utilize the knowledge we gained from previous projects with clients, who have chosen to take the cloud journey together with us.

In 2016, Perion – a global technology company that delivers high-quality advertising solutions to brands and publishers with headquarters based in Israel, purchased the US-based Undertone also in the digital advertising business.

One of the main concerns that needed to be addressed, was a need for a reliable and efficient solution to enable the two companies to communicate with each other and their global customers.

After all, doubling in size overnight to approximately 600 employees is as challenging, as two very different cultures coming together as one.
NeWay saw this as the perfect opportunity to position Skype for Business as part of the Office 365 migration.


Perion’s Unified communications were based on an on-premises Skype for Business Server deployment for all Perion users.

Expanding the on-premises solution to all global users, (the new users are based mainly in the USA, on server pools located in Israel could be difficult regarding service quality.

Perion had already started considering Cloud PBX as an alternative to their on-premises deployment. Meanwhile, Undertone had a legacy PBX infrastructure that was heavy on administration and maintenance costs.

Considering the options available, NeWay designed a global communications platform based on Cloud PBX, and coupled with PSTN Conferencing, it was the perfect solution to a very expensive problem.

With different PBX’s out of the picture, Office 365 Cloud PBX would be the one real source controlling all their global voice traffic, and it would be very easy to administer and operate from anywhere in the world.

Perion loved the idea, and the UK offices of the newly-acquired Undertone was chosen as the pilot for the solution. However, Undertone was also in the process of moving into a newly renovated office; so getting the voice services up and running quickly was an essential requirement.

In the end, it took a week to acquire licenses, phone numbers, from Microsoft and devices for all UK based employees. The new offices were still under construction when the phones were up and running.

This allowed Undertone employees to work from home and other locations seamlessly, while construction work at the offices was being completed.

Golan Edri, Senior UC Architect at NeWay Technologies explains that:

“During the two months pilot stage, Perion had the chance to test all the capabilities of the cloud, the various management options, and the quality of the incoming and outgoing calls.

Following this, they realized and understood the full capabilities and advantages of the Cloud PBX.

Our team at Neway provided Perion with 24/7 support from day one: from training to actual implementing”.

The Customer’s Project Manager, Mr. Amit Domchevsky adds:

“With the UK office complete, the next stages include the US and France-based offices as well as onboard all remaining users on Cloud PBX with PSTN calling or with hybrid solutions where needed.”

Perion calculated that for the US and UK alone, Cloud PBX and PSTN Calling plans from Microsoft would save them over 40% annually when compared to their current legacy solution and operators; bringing everything together under one brand makes sense in a commercial aspect as well.

As the Unified Communications is only one of the collaboration pillars popular amongst customers, different Business Units at Perion were utilizing disparate solutions from different vendors. Some were using Slack, some Dropbox, and some Zoom.

We are in the process of replacing additional services with Office 365 solutions, including OneDrive for Business, Teams & Groups &  Cloud Video Interop”, says Domchevsky.




Working with Perion on the task of bringing together two cultures into one company, allowed us to utilize the knowledge we gained from previous projects with clients, who have chosen to take the cloud journey together with us.

We look forward to working with additional clients in long-term cooperation and in adherence to the highest level of professional ethics, excellence, as well as to intentionally strive for the highest quality in all aspects of activities & services.


By Ofir Schnitzer.

A highly talented and adaptable technology expert working in roles of greater responsibility. Successfully planned, architected and subsequently implemented a variety of responsive, intelligent and robust solutions. Motivated by business and technical challenges that require unique and out of the box solutions.

Focused on Microsoft Unified Communications and core infrastructure solutions as well as Cloud Services platforms (Azure and Office 365).

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