How to: Polycom Phones Exchange Contact and Calendar Integration issue



How to resolve this issue? two different approaches

There are a few different approaches which can be used to resolve Exchange integration issue depending on the number of devices we have:

Web Management Interface


  • To access the Polycom Web Configuration Utility for the phone simply enter http://<IPaddress> in a web browser using the IP address of the phone.
  • Enter the device Admin password (456 by default) and then navigate to the Settings > Applications menu.
  • Expand the Exchange Applications sections and select Enable for the Exchange Calendar setting.
  • Populate the Exchange Server URL field with the entire Exchange Web Services URL for the desired Exchange Client Access Server. (e.g. https://exchange.domain.local/EWS/exchange.asmx).  Do not enter just the Exchange server FQDN as this will not work, the entire EWS URL must be specified.
  • Click Save to write the configuration changes to the phone, which will automatically reboot the device.




  • Simply add the following configuration parameters to the existing configuration file


Attribute Value
feature.exchangeCalendar.enabled 1
exchange.server.url https://exchange.domain.local/EWS/exchange.asmx
exchange.meeting.reminderEnabled 1 or 0



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