A Fully-Managed Offering

Leverage the Power of Microsoft Teams Calling

Neway ensures you leverage the full power of Teams Calling through a fully managed calling solution that includes handsets, DIDs, and more on a per user/per month basis.

Leveraging its 24/7 staffed Network Operations Center (NOC), Neway provides a managed services offering that includes monitoring and reporting solutions to efficiently manage Teams Calling to ensure reliable uptime and optimum performance.

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Neway’s monitoring, incident management, and reporting capabilities enable you to achieve:

Enhanced user experience by reducing downtime

Rapid resolution to incidents occurring around the clock

Meeting user and business
partner SLAs

Why Choose Neway’s Teams Calling-as-a-Service

One End-to-End Solution

  • Streamlines the management of your calling service
  • Frees up your in-house telephony infrastructure resources 
  • Offers worldwide service with available calling plans in nearly 60 countries
  • Eliminates the need to negotiate with trunk providers in individual countries – one contract = global access
  • Handles set up of calling plans with local providers when expanding into other geographies
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  • Provides flexible calling packages to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Delivers calling plan costs 30% to 50% lower than standard Microsoft plans
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Enhanced Performance

  • Guarantees performance optimization levels & voice quality
  • Enhances end-user experience regardless of location
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