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NeWay Technologies was named a finalist in the 2017 Microsoft Communication Partner of the Year Award. Being a finalist motivates us, even more, to be at the forefront of technology and innovation in the communications sector

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Unified Communication

NeWay provides full scale cloud or hybrid deployments performed by experienced and highly skilled professional team, With focus on customer UC requirements

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Microsoft Application Platform is a comprehensive set of tools and technologies which provide capabilities that help you maximize value from your application.

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Achieve more with the industry’s most advanced productivity suite. Office 365 provides flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across teams, devices..

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Thanks to the company’s renowned reputation in the implementation of multifaceted projects, NeWay Technologies was named a finalist in the 2017 Microsoft Communication Partner of the Year Award.
In 2009 and 2012, NeWay was selected as Microsoft Best Partner in Israel and worldwide.

Israel Gambling Is Not Completely Banned

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Another Country Where Rules Are Flouted

Illegal casino gambling is rife across Israel. There are arrests on a regular basis but it seems gambling is a pastime that Israelis want to take part in. The general feel to the situation is that eventually casinos will become legal. It is the only way to undermine an industry that is run by organized crime legalize it. When it comes to online casinos the area is as usual a bit grey. Investigate a bit online and some say it’s illegal and prohibited with sites being blocked by the authorities. Others say there is nothing specific in law and Israelis are not pursued and prosecuted for playing casino games online. As with a lot of countries around the world gambling laws in Israel are not the most clear. It is always advisable to take legal advice from a professional to understand the risks involved. Whatever the rules are it does not stop people playing and the best online casino Israel can access is in Hebrew, takes shekels and doesn’t care about trivial things such as laws.

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Now, for our US & Israeli clients, we can provide even better results from the Microsoft Cloud, as NeWay Technologies joins the  Microsoft’s Direct CSP – Cloud Solution Provider – program.

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Today, with organizations becoming more agile in nature, the need to rapidly validate assumptions using technological tools is increasingly on a high. At Neway, we recognize this need and came up with a solution that allows you to quickly establish lab environments using Azure resources in very limited amount of time, you will be able to quickly deduce your conclusions and use them at a later time which will ensure that your resources are utilized at their maximum potential.

Our new self-service lab management portal provides organizations with the ability to easily manage environments in Azure, make better use of their available resources and retain the data that really matters.


  • Built-in templates (pre-configured with Azure resources)
  • Approval chain included for added control
  • Administrative notifications
  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) support
  • Dashboard reporting & billing
  • Full integration with Azure Active Directory
  • Built-in role based management
  • Fully customized to your needs
  • Simple management for lab environments, On-demand and scheduled starting, stopping and deletion of labs.

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A web site (ASP MVC with windows authentication) which allow the current user to view distribution groups to which he belongs as a member and to also add/remove users from such groups.



To solve the limitation of Group Membership write permission when using Azure Directory Synchronization (DirSync). Every customer using an On-Premise AD and is required to sync it to Azure AD should rather use this. This solution also allows Self-Service group management for ANY customer using Exchange.



  • On-Premise environment.
  • IIS with .NET 4.5 support.
  • Exchange On-Premise environment


A bot (window service) which allows callers (company workers) exchange phone calls on an enclosed network – A dial tone is activated upon entering a code through a touch-tone phone.

Arrives with an administrator dashboard page.

Why you need it?

Overseas calls can be very expensive, this service can help you save a lot of money from your company’s overseas calls.

For example, a worker in a company’s branch that has a SFB server in Israel and another worker in one branch in the US, can communicate with each other from an internal call made from a Disa number, the dial tone will be activated upon the successful input of a 4 digit passcode thus security is guaranteed. (there is also an option to define a pre-approved list of source numbers) and making a local call using disa will attract the same costs as local calls.



  • SfB On-Premise environment.

What is it?

The SFB Conference is a Skype for Business conferencing application. It is a customized client application that can replace the original Microsoft Skype for Business client application. It provides a secured conferencing experience with limited features. The application is setup to deliver a role based experience depending on the users end of the conferencing, one for the conference admin and one for the other participants.

It allows the client to see all the participants in the meeting , request a permission to talk which can only be granted by the admin i.e. initiator of the conference, see all participants who requested permission to talk and take note of how much time they talked,  vote in a poll, watch presentations and even pass comments on it.

Why you need it?

If you make daily/weekly conference calls in your office, and you need these extra important features (poll / request talk permission / view presentations) with a nice GUI, then this is exactly what you need.

Also if you have a big screen in your conference room, you can connect it to a client’s  station, and from there broadcast your conference sessions.



  • SfB On-Premise environment
  • Each client & admin software need to has his station (tablet recommended for a  client)

feedback point

Feedback point is developed by NeWay, as a supplementary tool to SharePoint’s protocol website. It is designed to manage any organization’s protocols’ life-cycle. Feedback Point comes with a protocol generating environment that works on already existing organizational schemes, as well as libraries for keeping protocols and appendixes, it has a follow-through option for different versions, content approval, search, filter and merge tools, view of previous protocols, etc. It allows users on site to ask for and receive feedback (e.g. reading feedback for any given protocol or update), to track their response and to share and document it via e-mail.


One of NeWay’s numerous developments is SyncPoint. It was developed as a solution to synchronize users’ list in an Active Directory database and to sync the list on a local SharePoint portal.

SyncPoint separates the data handled by the organization’s webmaster (such as usernames, passwords and email addresses) and the data kept by the HR department. (living address, position, manager etc.)

Users info can be readily updated by the company’s HR department without doing any damage to the data quality. The synchronicity and ease provided by SyncPoint will transform any company’s contact list into a comprehensive local phone book that will include employees’ photos, that can also be viewed on Microsoft Outlook.