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As a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider and Azure Expert MSP, Neway specializes in helping organizations increase productivity, intelligence and insights, and world-class security through solutions built on the Microsoft cloud.  

Neway was named a finalist of the 2021 Microsoft Security Partner of the Year Award, which recognizes a partner who is doing an exceptional job of providing customers with end-to-end security solutions based on Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Security.

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                                      Modern Workplace

                                      Get help with your digital transformation initiative

                                      The transition to a remote workforce creates a need for you to update your technology environment to keep pace. Your workers want to access your systems and applications from anywhere, at any time, from any device, and you need the infrastructure to meet that need. This flexibility enables your staff to be more productive and creates a desirable workplace to attract the best possible talent.
                                      We help you with your digital transformation initiative to help you build the modern workplace of the future using the latest Microsoft cloud technology.

                                      Benefits of a modern workplace include:


                                      Enhancing communication and collaboration so your teams can get more done in a shorter amount of time
                                      Adapting and transforming the way your staff works with Microsoft Teams
                                      Enhancing knowledge sharing and resource access with Microsoft Viva Suite
                                      Improving the storage, management, and use of data
                                      Making cybersecurity
                                      a priority
                                      Enabling unified endpoint management through Microsoft 365

                                      Working with us to modernize your workplace will improve employee productivity and satisfaction...

                                      and create more seamless communication and collaboration across locations and platforms while maintaining the security and integrity of your systems and data.

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