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As a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider and Azure Expert MSP, Neway specializes in helping organizations increase productivity, intelligence and insights, and world-class security through solutions built on the Microsoft cloud.  

Neway was named a finalist of the 2021 Microsoft Security Partner of the Year Award, which recognizes a partner who is doing an exceptional job of providing customers with end-to-end security solutions based on Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Security.

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Sustainability Through Innovation

How Tosca Is Using Cloud-based Technology to Help Eliminate Waste in the Supply Chain, Enhance Security, and Reduce Costs

Company Decreases Power Usage by 65%

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A global leader in reusable packaging and pooling solutions

Sustainability is at the heart of the mission of Tosca. Not only is it fundamental to the products and services Tosca provides to its customers, but it is also central to the company’s internal operations. Partly inspired by its sustainability goals, Tosca chose to partner with Neway Technologies to move its technology infrastructure to the cloud.

" Transitioning to a cloud-platform with Neway's help has reduced costs, increased visibility to our operations, and most importantly, enhanced the security of systems."

~ Mike Weinberg | CIO, Tosca

“The move also supports our sustainability goals by reducing our hardware footprint since we no longer need to purchase as many servers for our computing needs. Cloud computing and systems security are the cornerstones of our sustainability program.” 

Moving to the cloud is an example of how Tosca is leveraging technology innovation to meet the challenges of servicing the company’s global customer base. With 61 global wash sites and 12 offices across North America, the UK, Europe, and Israel and more than 5,000 customers, Tosca manages millions of assets including reusable plastic containers (RPCs), bulk containers, pallets, and more. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the flow of goods through the food supply chain, eliminating waste at every turn.

Increasingly, the use of cloud-based technology has become a critical tool in helping Tosca reach that goal.











Tosca is committed to the idea that reusable products are better for both the planet and profits. They are helping customers meet goals for both sustainability and cost savings as they work to create a world where all one-way packaging is converted to reusables.

As one of the world’s leading reusable asset pooling providers, the company manages crates, bulk containers, displays, dollies, layers and trays, and pallets for food and non-food industries. But instead of being one-and-done and ending up in landfills, these products are returned to one of Tosca’s 61 service centers to be cleaned, sanitized, and reused.

"Some of our success is based on our experience and a large part of it is the input we get from Neway"

~ Max Killinger
Global Director of Infrastructure & CISO | Tosca



Like many manufacturing companies, Tosca faces a wide range of challenges.

“Balancing costs with security and capabilities is a never-ending effort for us as it is for most manufacturing companies,” says Max Killinger, Global Director of Infrastructure and CISO at Tosca. “Achieving that balance requires having the right networking, the right cloud resources, and the right overall security. It often feels like a moving target.”

Tosca has found that balance with help from Neway.

“Some of our success is based on our experience and a large part of it is the input we get from Neway,” Killinger continues. “Their team brings expertise that we can rely on to ask questions – What have they dealt with in other engagements? How have they helped other clients?

Neway adds another level of perspective that helps inform us on options we should consider, what we can get for our spend, and how we can develop a sensible direction that is comfortable to our executive leadership team.”


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Rising inflation and supply chain disruption have also been challenging for the manufacturing industry in general and for Tosca in particular.

Faced with delays of up to six months for network equipment, Tosca needed to find intermediate solutions to bridge the gap. To solve the problem, their technology team developed the innovative “Network-in-a-Box.”

“It’s essentially a hot spot with a small firewall appliance and a small switch that does power over ethernet,” says Killinger. “We can send it out in a hardened plastic case to get it to a site quickly with clear instructions to make setup simple. We used them to quickly onboard two new U.S. service centers in 2022.”

Killinger feels creativity and flexibility are keys to dealing with supply chain issues.

“The past three years have been challenging across our industry,” says Killinger. “There has been a great deal of rapid change and uncertainty. That is one of the reasons we moved 100% to the cloud with Neway’s help.

"The migration to the cloud has removed delays for things like server hardware. Anything we can build in the cloud saves us time and lets us leverage our security implementations."

~ Max Killinger
Global Director of Infrastructure & CISO | Tosca

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One of the main reasons for migrating to the cloud for Tosca was to better secure their network infrastructure.

“Security is top of mind,” says Killinger.

“With Microsoft’s cloud-based platform, we get standardized security and better visibility to issues as they arise."

~ Max Killinger
Global Director of Infrastructure & CISO | Tosca

"We have devices deployed all over the world at different sites and having to update each physical server to provide the latest security patch can easily result in some being missed. With cloud resources, we easily keep up with those updates and have a much better handle on our actual environment and what our attack surface looks like and that enables us to defend better.”

“Something that doesn’t always get talked about is that security is a key part of sustainability,” he continues. “A company is not sustainable if it is constantly being breached. The company cannot remain viable unless we can protect the data of the company and our customers. That’s why we put a strong emphasis on security as part of our sustainability story.”

“Our CIO, Mike Weinberg, likes to say that malicious actors trying to compromise our cybersecurity only have to get it right once, but we have to get it right every time,” Killinger says. “That’s why we need to have a robust security structure in place.”



Tosca sees technology as the key to not only securing the environment but also to enabling innovation. That is one of the reasons they chose to partner with Neway.

Prior to engaging with Neway, Tosca was managing an array of legacy solutions all on-premises. They were slow to patch, had single points of failure, and were slower to react to interruptions in service. The solutions they had in place were static and not scalable.

“We weren’t able to be as nimble as we wanted because the old technology was slow,” says Killinger. “Any improvements required buying new hardware which was time-consuming and expensive.

Once Tosca committed to the transition, Neway helped them migrate to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This was the first step in the engagement and relationship and leveraged Neway’s Cloud Migration methodology and service offering. Neway guided Tosca through the transition from its on-prem data center infrastructure to a cloud-based environment.

The new cloud-based infrastructure includes Azure Active Directory (AD), which helps employees access external resources such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and thousands of other SaaS applications. Azure AD also helps access internal resources like apps on the corporate intranet network along with any cloud apps developed specifically for Tosca. Neway also helped integrate Microsoft 365 including licenses across endpoints, from the operating system to tools and cloud resources including servers and storage. As a result of the move to the cloud, Tosca now has better visibility into security and costs like licensing and cloud computing.


24x7x365 Security & Support

In addition to the move to the cloud, Neway is supporting Tosca’s IT infrastructure and applications through its Microsoft Cloud Managed Services offering. This service enables Tosca to unleash the power and value of its Microsoft Cloud investment through monitoring, management, and proactive advisory services for Tosca’s entire Microsoft 365 productivity and security suite. A key component of the service is helping Tosca with specific project work, helping them to develop new capabilities needed to support their business and IT teams.

Tosca also leverages Neway’s Security Operations Center (SOC), an efficient and cost-effective solution to protect Tosca’s business. Neway worked with the Tosca Global Technology Team to evaluate their current security profile and identified areas of risk. Leveraging the latest in Microsoft technology, Neway provides Tosca with the advanced cyber protection they need through 24x7 security monitoring, automated detection and response, accelerated incident response, and support.

“Securing our technology environment requires round-the-clock vigilance,” said Killinger. “Neway offers the critical monitoring required so we can focus on our day-to-day business with the confidence that we are fully protected.”

Combining the Neway SOC offering with the Neway Managed Services program increased Tosca’s efficiency in moving from alert to mitigation. The seamless process provides a huge advantage when dealing with cyberattacks and minimizes the time and resources needed when a threat is detected.

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"Neway offers the critical monitoring required so we can focus on our day-to-day business with the confidence that we are fully protected."

~ Max Killinger
Global Director of Infrastructure & CISO | Tosca




Tosca’s innovative solutions are focused on helping their customers meet goals for both sustainability and cost-savings. By turning that same focus on its IT initiatives and embracing cloud technologies, Tosca has created an operational foundation that has enabled the company to meet its own goals
for sustainability and cost savings. For example,
the move to the cloud resulted in a power usage decrease of over 65%.

“Neway helped us streamline resource allocations to match needs based on data,” says Killinger. “The data-driven visibility to manage our cloud and security is extremely valuable. Ensuring all required services had been migrated to the cloud and sized correctly allowed us to completely close our last on-prem data center in 2022.”

To add to the cost savings, as part of the shift to Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE), Neway and Tosca took a deep dive into Tosca’s Microsoft license usage. Neway and the Tosca IT team closely examined users and departments to find opportunities to update users to more appropriate, cost-effective bundles, such as Microsoft 365 E5 licenses.

The result was a 25% decrease in license volume, a 1000% increase in Microsoft 365 E5 licenses, and multiple percentage points in cost savings even after Microsoft’s increased pricing. Together, Neway and Tosca were able to upgrade user capabilities, improve security posture, reduce complexity, eliminate technical and license debt from multiple acquisitions, and reduce overall cost.

“Communication has been the key to our partnership with Neway,” says Killinger. “When we needed more attention in certain areas, Neway listened and responded quickly. We’ve gone through a few iterations together and Neway has consistently delivered for us.”

“Our relationship with Neway is fantastic,” Killinger sums up. “They are easy to work with and are excellent partners who feel like a smooth extension of our internal organization. Neway puts its heart into helping us get the best results.”

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