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As a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider and Azure Expert MSP, Neway specializes in helping organizations increase productivity, intelligence and insights, and world-class security through solutions built on the Microsoft cloud.  

Neway was named a finalist of the 2021 Microsoft Security Partner of the Year Award, which recognizes a partner who is doing an exceptional job of providing customers with end-to-end security solutions based on Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity capabilities in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Security.

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Reduced Costs, Increased System Visibility, & Enhanced Security: Tosca’s Successful Cloud Transition Journey

Sustainability has quickly become a priority for both individuals and businesses. Tosca, a leading manufacturer of reusable packaging and pooling solutions recognizes this and has made it the cornerstone of their business mission. They are committed to the idea thatTosca Case Study_Blog Header reusable products are better for both the planet and profitability.

With 61 service centers worldwide to clean, sanitize, and make bulk containers, crates, displays, dollies, layers, and trays ready for reuse, Tosca needed a way to overcome many of the challenges faced by manufacturers today.

"Balancing costs with security and capabilities is a never-ending effort for us,” says Max Killinger, Global Director of Infrastructure and CISO at Tosca. “Achieving that balance requires having the right networking, the right cloud resources, and the right overall security. It often feels like a moving target.”

Overcoming Challenges With Cloud Technology

As a global company, Tosca relies on an extensive supply chain, and having real-time, clear visibility to activity across all sites and partners is crucial. They realized that leveraging the power of cloud computing was the best way to provide the creativity and flexibility needed to deal with supply chain and visibility issues.

"The migration to the cloud has removed delays for things like server hardware,” says Killinger. “Anything we can build in the cloud saves us time and lets us leverage our security implementations.”

Securing the Infrastructure

One of the main reasons for migrating to the cloud for Tosca was to better secure their network infrastructure. They wanted standardized security and better visibility to network activity and they got that with a Microsoft cloud-based platform.

“We have devices deployed all over the world at different sites and having to update each physical server to provide the latest security patch can easily result in some being missed,” says Killinger. “A company is not sustainable if it is constantly being breached.”

The Tosca-Neway Partnership

Tosca met all these goals by partnering with Neway Technologies. Neway helped Tosca transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform through its Cloud Migration methodology and service offering. Neway guided Tosca through the transition from their on-prem data center infrastructure to a cloud-based environment.

Once migrated to the cloud, Tosca also chose to leverage Neway’s Microsoft Managed Services offering. This service enables Tosca to unleash the power and value of its Microsoft Cloud investment through monitoring, management, and proactive advisory services for Tosca’s entire Microsoft 365 productivity and security suite.

“Neway offers the critical monitoring required so we can focus on our day-to-day business with the confidence that we are fully protected,” says Killinger.

Results of the Migration

Thanks to the transition to the cloud, Tosca has created an operational foundation that has enabled the company to meet its own goals for sustainability and cost savings. For example, the move to the cloud resulted in a power usage decrease of more than 65%.

Neway is easy to work with and are excellent partners who feel like a smooth extension of our internal organization,” says Killinger. “Neway puts their heart into helping us get the best results.”

Click here to read the full Tosca success story.


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